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termite elimination newcastleIt shouldn’t be a shocker how termites came to be otherwise known as “white ants”. Their white, ant-like appearance makes them look like a close cousin of ants of the red and black variety. If you see these white little things scuttling around your property, don’t wait for them to get too comfortable and cause great damage.

Call us here in Pest Control Newcastle. We specialize in providing the following services:

  • White Ant Inspection: finding the white ants/termites
  • White Ant Treatment: eliminating & treating the white ants
  • Monitoring: protecting against the white ants

Anytime you call us for assistance, we’re ready to take immediate action. We’ve been giving white ant inspection or treatment to many loyal customers around Newcastle for decades now and it is with great pride we say that we’ve always wowed our clients with our ‘do it right on the first time’ business ethic. Call us today for white ants control and treatment!

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About White Ants in Newcastle

If you ignore the presence of termites in your home, they will literally chomp up your property before you can do something to save it. Damages from uncontrolled termite infestation take up a huge chunk of the total annual property damages in Newcastle, totaling more than those from floods and fires.

termite control newcastleContrary to popular belief, termites don’t exclusively go for properties with wooden foundation. The perfect combination of warmth, humidity, and food source can still bode well for termites and should be reason enough for them to attack and wreak havoc.

The damages brought about by termite infestation could really ruin your finances, and as if that couldn’t be worse, insurance doesn’t usually cover these. People who’re also looking to resell their homes also find it difficult to get a good price for termite-infested properties.

Our White Ants Pest Inspection

The first thing that needs to be done before any mode of white ant treatment is to first confirm if there’s indeed an infestation, and to determine the extent if there should be any. Pest Control Newcastle will check out the levels of moisture and humidity, as well as visually inspect critical areas of home.

To make sure that the results are accurate, we use only the most advanced termite inspection equipment as gears in our search. These include IR thermometers, moisture meters, and termite detection systems.

Once an infestation has been confirmed, we’ll make sure that you are informed of the best possible solutions to your case. Usually, we use expanding foams by injecting them into crevices and spaces in between walls, underneath slabs, and even the surrounding areas of pipes.

termite elimination newcastleBait techniques are also quite useful and effective. Moist soil (and other high-moisture areas), downspouts of roofs, and old tree stumps allow us to spot critical areas, giving us the upper-hand in stopping them from further multiplying.

Monitoring for signs of a re-infestation is also an important part of our job. We do this to provide long-term protection for your property, making sure that there won’t be any windows of opportunity for the termites not just today, but in the near and far future as well.

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About our Pest Control Service in Newcastle

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