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silverfish control newcastleFor most people, having silverfish around the house can be annoying but isn’t really that big of a threat because in terms of physical or health damage, they’re not known to do much. However, silverfish infestation can go in a downward spiral if it’s left to progress without any sort of treatment or preventive action. The best thing to do when these creatures crop up is to call professional pest control guys who can provide the advice and assistance you need.

Silverfish is commonly found in the bathroom, at the basement and in the attic. If you find yourself in this little situation, make sure that you don’t forget to call Pest Control Newcastle. We are capable of solving any pest control problem. All you have to do is pick up the phone and ring us. We can also handle problems with spiders, cockroaches, rodents, silverfish and whatever creature is disrupting the peace and quiet of your home.

best-pest-control-newcastleThese are the signs of silverfish infestation:

  • Molten skins on the floor
  • Mysterious perforations on your clothes
  • Ruined food boxes in the pantry

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Our Silverfish Control Services

newcastle westateIf any of the above signs are showing in your home, or if your instincts are telling you that you’re being invaded by silverfish, it’s time to call professional pest control specialists from Pest Control Newcastle. Our licensed pest control specialists are duly licensed and are highly experienced when it comes to dealing with silverfish problems. It’s possible to fix the issue by yourself especially when there’s still only a few of them around, but for worse cases, a pro will have to take care of it.

Just as with any pest control procedure, we start it off with an inspection of your home. This is critical in figuring out the type of intervention that’s best for your specific problem. More often than not, insecticides are utilized in the process. These are usually in liquid form and bottled up in sprays to be applied on the surrounding areas to keep silverfish off the property. For infestations in the attic, dust powders are the better choice.

About Silverfish

how to get rid of silverfish in newcastleThe risk for rapid proliferation of silverfish is higher because most people tend to underestimate the gravity of having them at home. And while it’s true that they pose no real harm to humans and animals, silverfish in high numbers can be gross and unpleasant to look at. So, the wiser thing to do is to banish these pests before there’s a ton of them in your bathroom or attic. Silverfish are rather opportunistic and will multiply rapidly given the right living conditions.

Don’t merely brush off the one or two silverfish that you spotted in the bathroom. Let us have a look and we’ll make sure that you never have to see not even one of these scaly critters ever again.

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Problems Silverfish can Cause

Much like any other living creature, silverfish are mainly concerned about food. And this is most probably why they could journey for long periods of time in search of it. Silverfish also know better than to let go when they see what they’ve been looking for because they stick to their food source like glue. And if there’s nothing else to feed on, they could choose to settle for wallpaper, random documents, and even textile. They can cause damages on flour, paper, cotton, silk, and linen.

spider control newcastleSilverfish are pretty flexible when it comes to food. They like carbohydrates as much as they like protein. They like dead bodies of insects just as much too. Throw in some sugar, mold, and paste and it’ll be a feast for them. These creatures are moisture-lovers and this is why you may have seen a ton of them in the bathroom.

While it’s true that silverfish are generally harmless, they can be a nuisance to deal with when there’s an infestation.

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