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spider control newcastleNobody wants to deal with cockroaches, let alone live with them. They’re not only gross to have around, they’re also considered as high-risk creatures that carry a ton of germs and bacteria that cause allergies, and the easy and rapid spread of diseases among humans and even their pets.

Needless to say, these critters are nothing like anything you’d want in your home or office. So at the sight of the first roach that scuttles its way through your bathroom, in the commissary, or in a random corner at home, call up the guys who have no qualms in handling the situation. Pest Control Newcastle will look into it and make sure these undesirables are gone in no time.

cockroach infestation newcastleThe following is how our cockroach control service goes:

  • Cockroach Inspection: finding the cockroaches
  • Cockroach Control: eliminating & getting rid of the cockroaches
  • Monitoring: keeping away the cockroaches

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If you’re being bugged by these six-legged creatures, it’s time to call for Pest Control Newcastle so the problem is straightened up immediately. Our team is quick-responding and capable of handling any pest control issue, from mosquitoes to rats, to whatever. You can count on us to attend to any problem effectively and safely.

Cockroach Control Services

best-pest-control-newcastleDealing with a cockroach infestation is no joke. It’s something that needs to be addressed in an instant because if not, they’ll just multiply their way into a complete disaster. Give us a call, don’t open windows of opportunity for these creepy critters to have their pesky little ways in your home. The key to lesser headaches is immediate action. After all, prevention is still better than cure.

Pest Control Newcastle endeavors to give you the best, quality service that you can afford. We’re known to expertly wipe off cockroaches, rats, spiders, and other pests from the face of your home or building. You deserve a better home than one shared with icky, sometimes even threatening creatures. Count on us to safeguard your right to a safe, clean, and pest-free home or workplace!

Cockroach Infestation

cockroach infestation treatment newcastleIf you’ve been seeing egg cases and cast skins, as well as cockroach droppings that are less than 1 millimeter wide, physical damage to property such as torn up or nibbled book pages, and have been noticing a pungent, musty odor uniquely associated with roaches, it’s very likely that you’re already dealing with a full-on infestation.

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Cockroach Service

The service we provide starts with an inspection as without this, we’ll be unable to properly address any underlying problem. Infestations have to start somewhere, and to be effective we believe we must address the root in order for the result to be long-term.

newcastle westateWe have a collection of the most effective insecticides that will keep the roaches out for good. And you don’t have to worry about your home getting contaminated by toxic chemicals as we see to it that application is minimized and limited only to the areas affected.

It’d be totally wrong to assume that the roaches will go on their own. On the contrary, the longer you leave them be, the more there will be of them and the worse the infestation will also be. The best thing to do is to call the pros and have them work on it immediately. This should stop any infestation from happening at all.

Problems Cockroaches can Cause

Cockroaches are anatomically capable of scooping up as much dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses from wherever they go. The craggy lines on their anterior portion make it easy for even the smallest crumbs to get caught in. As a matter of fact, roaches are known to have the capacity to harbor as many as 35 different types of bacteria in their tiny little body!

cockroach infestation control newcastleIn a nutshell, these creatures bring in diseases and bacteria from all the places they’ve gone. And if you or any of your family are immuno-compromised, you could catch the diseases that come all the way from places far and wide.

Salmonella and e.coli are 2 of the most widely known bacteria and cockroaches carry these with them all the time. People can get dysentery, typhoid, gastroenteritis, and polio when they accidentally ingest contaminated food or drinks that have been exposed to roaches. Young children, elderly people, and immuno-compromised individuals are at even higher risk for contracting these diseases.

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About our Pest Control Service

thumbs upIs there an apparent cockroach infestation in your home or workplace? Don’t wait for the worst before calling up Pest Control Newcastle. Our highly experienced, well trained pest control specialists will be there immediately after you call. We can manage any sort of pest problem, whether it’s a bees and wasp control issue, or a rodent eradication one we’ll be there to work it out like a boss!

Over the years we’ve satisfactorily handled many pest control situations and we remain to be the leader in our craft. We work by a ‘do it right on the first time’ business ethos and this is how we’ve gained our confidence in this competitive industry. Call us today for a free quote!

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