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Termite Control Services Newcastle

If your house is suffering from a severe case of termite infestation, Pest Control Newcastle’s Termite Inspections and Treatment are just a phone call away. In just a few dials, our representatives will inform our team of termite control specialists who will drive straight to your property. These specialists are well-trained and certified in the field of pest control and extermination. Don’t waste any more time before your home or your business falls flat on the ground because of pesky termites. Call (02) 4025 9734 for Termite Inspections and Treatment by Pest Control Newcastle, and we will answer your termite problems right away.

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Termite Treatment Services :

  • Inspecting for termites.
  • Treating the termite infestation.
  • Controlling termites, and preventing them from returning.

About Termites in Newcastle

termite control newcastleYou are lucky if you haven’t experienced a full-blown termite invasion. However, it never hurts to know more about these critters. A termite is a six-legged bug that is mostly confused with ants. It is often smaller than a regular ant, but don’t underestimate them when they come to your house in sheer numbers. In case you haven’t heard or read about the damages caused by these insects, termite infestation is probably the most expensive pest-related damages known today. If you’re wondering what’s your house like if it’s infested with termites, you better wish you haven’t thought about it because a colony of termites can leave a big hole on the wall.

Termite Inspection Newcastle

If you haven’t experienced having a termite infestation, you might as well call our representatives at Pest Control Newcastle and ask for a specialist on termite inspection. Otherwise, you can try this method.  Remember, termites thrive in two things: water and wood. Unless your house is completely made of concrete, your house is not exempted from a termite attack. Try to locate an area of the house where water and wood are present. If you listen closely you could hear the buggers squeaking and chewing the wood. It’s likely that part of your home has become a termite mound. If you manage to locate the mound, call us immediately.

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Termite Treatments in Newcastle

pest control termiteOnce the initial termite problem has been handled, it is highly probable that a re-infestation may occur. Just like most pests, termites are persistent. If there’s a small chance of survival, these termites would proliferate once more. You don’t have to worry. At Pest Control Newcastle, we offer a 6 months to 1 year free termite treatment to existing customers.

Termite Control Service

As previously mentioned, termites can be very persistent. Sometimes it’s hard to detect the number of termites that may have survived during  the treatment. That is why it’s very important for our valued customers to follow these precautions. If you happen to have unused lumber, construction tools, or other wooden materials, make sure to dispose of them and fix any plumbing leaks.

Termite Protection

termite infestation

Pest Control Newcastle also offers termite protection for customers who want to make sure that no termite can enter his home and property. Our termite protection comes in two methods–physical and chemical. Customer can avail both barriers for a fair price. Customers can also purchase this service during the construction of their new home.

Since homes are usually terrorized by subterranean termites, the foundations of your home is vulnerable for infestation. We at Pest Control Newcastle highly recommend on installing a physical barrier on the foundation of your house as well as other key parts of your home. The physical barrier is made of non-edible materials such as concrete and metal.

The chemical barrier, otherwise known as treated zones, is applied by treating the soil around the house with termiticides. These termiticides act as repellants that drive termites out of your property. If you want to install your home with either of these barriers, call us at (02) 4025 9734 for Pest Control Newcastle’s Termite Protection.

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