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Rats, mice, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, termites: the list goes on, and there are times that we can do nothing against these pests because they keep on coming back in our home. Just imagine you came from a long day at work and you just want to relax and then all of a sudden, you see a big rat scurrying towards the sofa of your living room or a cockroach crawling on your wall or bed bugs hiding in the blanket of your bed.

pest control spider newcastleWith these pests around, your home is a complete mess! If you don’t want to experience that nightmare, Pest Control Newcastle is just a phone call away. We at Pest Control Newcastle make it a point to bring back the dream home that you’ve established. With our team of pest control experts, we will deal with those nasty little buggers right away.

Pest Control Newcastle continues to be the leading company of pest control services. With our group of pest control specialists, we aim to exceed beyond expectations by applying effective and long-term solutions for your pest problems. For a free quote, call (02) 4025 9734.

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Pest Inspection

termite treatment service newcastlePest Control Newcastle lineup is composed of experts who are certified and trained to perform detailed pest inspections in all types of property. If there’s a hint of infestation, our experts will detect it right off the bat. They can even infer based on the slightest signs or evidences that may prove the presence of pests. We at Pest Control Newcastle are aware of the importance of inspection. An early sign of pest presence can give you a chance to prevent your home from being overrun by all sorts of vermin.

If you have questions on how we usually go about our inspection, feel free to ask. Our pest inspectors are more than glad to walk you through the process. Our specialists have been reputed to go beyond customer satisfaction by guiding and educating homeowners and business managers on preventive measures against pest invasion.

Building Inspection

Our pest specialist are not only trained and certified.  They also have years of experience in handling all sorts of building inspection. You might as well refer to them as veterans of the profession.

building inspectionIf you have any specifications on how we should go about the inspection, don’t hesitate to tell us. Our system doesn’t exclude customers. In fact, we make it a point to treat the customers as part of our team in pest inspection. For every critical decision, we always let our customers know our plan and method of execution, and we also listen to their concerns in order to prevent misunderstanding and unnecessary damages to property.

Furthermore, we are also concerned with the security and safety during inspection. If there’s a need for an initial pest treatment, we want to plan a schedule with our customers first in order to make sure that your family won’t be compromised during treatment.

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Commercial Pest Control

Impressions are always the vital aspect in most businesses. At Pest Control Newcastle, we know that aspect too well. That’s why up to now, our specialists remind themselves to carry out the most effective and high-quality pest control best-pest-control-newcastleservices. We also stress on the value of our customers’ various businesses, which leads us towards a conclusion that the success of your business is our success as well.

Let’s face it! No customer or client would want to engage with a transaction in an office plagued with pests and vermin. It reflects the personality of the employees as well as the owners. As the saying goes, first impressions last. Don’t hesitate to call our commercial pest control specialists. We will make sure that we’ll rid your office from all sorts of pests. Remember, cleanliness will be the difference between failure and success of your business.

Residential Pest Control

melbourne residential pest control

The home is always a magnet for all sorts of nasty pests! If you have a pet animal, you are at a risk of having fleas in your living room. If you have left your food on the dining table, chances are that table will be a feasting ground for ants, rats, mice, flies, and cockroaches. If you haven’t cleaned your basement for a while, you’ll be shocked to see that the ceiling is already covered with cobwebs, and the key points that hold the house’s foundation has become a termite colony.

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There are a number of possible pests that may be in your home right now. You may also think that it’s pointless to stop them because they keep on coming back. It doesn’t mean that you should surrender. We at Pest Control Newcastle will ensure to rid you from all these pests at a fair price! Don’t miss the chance to avail our pest inspection and treatment services.