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spider control newcastleDoes it feel like there’s someone else sharing your space with you at home? Does it manifest in the odd scuttling sounds you hear from the attic that give you a mental picture of nails repetitively scratching the walls? Have your take-outs somehow magically developed nibbles especially on the edges without you knowing? Are there dark greasy stains along sideboards and rodent droppings in different areas of home?

These are all telltale signs of rodent infestation. So if you have any reason to say yes to any of them, you most likely need a check from rodent control experts.

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Rat & Rodent Pest Control Services

rodent and mice infestation newcastleThe good news is, you have Pest Control Newcastle just a few steps behind you to make sure your situation is taken care of. We have excellent workers with us who provide the best attainable quality of service to ensure that you never have to deal with these unpleasant critters ever again. We believe all our clients deserve quality service, so you can expect us to expertly handle any pest control issue — big or small.

If you’re still unsure if you really are being invaded by rodents, you’d need to have the property checked first before we can come up with a relevant treatment plan. One of our inspection specialists will come over at your place to perform a visual examination to confirm (or negate) any presence or risk for infestation. Once confirmed, we will recommend prompt and immediate action to prevent the issue from blowing up.

Anybody who’s not in the business of eliminating rodents would understandably not want a first hand experience at it. So  if you’re facing some sort of ordeal with these annoying little creatures, it’s best to relinquish the endeavor to experts from Pest Control Newcastle. This is crucial in keeping the infestation and damages to a minimum.

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What our Rats & Rodents Pest Control Services Include

We know a lot of other priorities are calling for your attention, so your best bet is to let the pros (a.k.a. Pest Control Newcastle) deal with these tiny foes for you.

We understand that people can have different preferences when it comes to handling pest problems. And this is why we have both lethal and non-lethal techniques that may be utilized separately or in combination to achieve better, more effective results. These methods include poisoning, exclusion, trapping, and habitat modification. Ultimately, the rats may be released into the wild where they can thrive without being a bane to human habitat and living.

best-pest-control-newcastlePest Control Newcastle will always take your opinion and preferences seriously. But regardless of which method you pick, we can assure you that the procedure is done safely and cleanly. We promise you, there will be zero rat corpses lying around in post-treatment. We value your safety more than anything else, and our skilled and experienced staff know this by heart and let it manifest in their workmanship.

We are dedicated to providing a long-term solution to your rat and rodent problem, and this means making sure none of them remains after the treatment. In the rare occasion that we should fail in this, we will make it a point to come back for another treatment — free of charge!

So if you’re just suspecting an infestation, we’ll be there to check up on it. And if we find you’re already dwelling among a bad number of rats and rodents, we definitely will work on that too. We’ll walk you through the entire process starting Day 1.

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Problems Rats and Rodents can be Responsible for

We can all agree that rats and rodents are not too nice to have around the house. In fact, they are to no tiny degree “nice”. More than that they can be quite damaging to property and hazardous to both humans and their pets. We’ve heard of every possible destructive deed by rats like chewing up electrical wires (these little ones are commonly guilty of arson), contaminating food storages, and destroying other properties like documents and boxes.

Rats can also cause:

  •    Disease (Such as the Hanta virus)
  •    Other Pests (Fleas)

rats and mice infestation control newcastleRats are naturally blind, so they rely on feeling their way through their route, which should explain why they follow the very same route each time. And since they pass through exactly the same spots multiple number of times, they leave marks from their greasy, dirty bodies. This explains why dark stains along the sides of walls are a hallmark of rat and rodent infestation.

And as if we haven’t listed enough bad news about these creatures, rats and rodents bring risk for diseases due to the vast amount of germs, bacteria, viruses, and parasites they carry with their bodies. The Black Plague in world history was even attributed to the disease-causing fleas that came from rodents.

Rats and rodents, much like any other living organism, are driven by food. So if you’re giving them easy access to what they’re looking for, they’re going to cave in and wreak havoc on your otherwise clean and safe home. They’ll set their tiny feet on your favorite snack, and even that on your kids’ fur. Don’t let these creatures destroy the fruits of your hard work. Call Pest Control Newcastle now!

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About our Pest Control Service in Newcastle

Any homeowner would like to be able to come home to one that’s free of pests. But when rats and rodents are joining the welcoming committee, home becomes a dreadful place to be in. Don’t let this happen to you! Call us immediately and we’ll be there, whipping out our best, most up-to-date pest control techniques and our state-of-the-art equipment and gears. There’s nothing we can’t handle! Give it to us and you’ll see.

We are one of the best in Newcastle and this is because through our decades of service, we’ve worked genuinely and hard to make sure our clients are happy and safe. Call today and get a free quote!

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