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best-pest-control-newcastle-sliderFleas are not all too bizarre to have scuttling around the households. As a matter of fact, they’re one of the more common species to invade many homes across the world.

If itchy bite marks among household members, as well as the frequent, highly agitated scratching of pets, and the presence of flies and maggots are becoming an issue at home, it’s time to get checked by Pest Control Newcastle.

We have a team with stellar skills, experience, and ethics to back you up in case you need it against mosquitoes or any other pest for that matter. Call us and expect an answer in an instant because this is how dedicated we are to providing immediate and effective solutions for all our clients. You can also count on our roster of state-of-the-art pest control gears and equipment that help ensure safe and successful procedures.

It could be the roach invasion or the rodent situation, whatever it is, call us for help and we’ll be there in a blink.

fly infestation treatment newcastleHere are the services we provide in fleas and flies control:

  • Flea Inspection: finding the fleas
  • Flea Control: eliminating the fleas
  • Flea Monitoring: keeping away the  fleas

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Our Fleas Control Newcastle Services

Any flea infestation must be dealt with by professionals, to ensure safety and overall effectiveness. It requires the right set of skills, knowledge, and experience to know the biological makeup and tendencies of these creatures and eliminate them accordingly.

best-pest-control-perth-westateOur service starts with a thorough visual inspection of your home. This is essential especially if it’s still undetermined if you are indeed being invaded, and also because we need to know the degree of the infestation. Results will majorly give direction to our subsequent course of action.

There are many ways to deal with a flea infestation. Over our decades of professional service, we’ve successfully used aerosol mists, flea baits, dusting powders, and sprays. Use may be separate or combined, depending on the targets. We also furnish our clients with applicable advice and recommendations in regards to house-proofing against fleas and flies.

Since fleas more often than not originate from pets, your fur kids need to be checked by the veterinarian to rule out worm infestation in their digestive system. Flea bites cause worms on animals and if your pet tests positive, flea dips are essential.

Nobody wants to deal with a flea infestation gone really, really bad. And while prompt actions really go a long way, Pest Control Newcastle can be relied on to take care of the worst cases of infestation.

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About Fleas in Newcastle

It’s very easy for fleas to proliferate given the perfect living conditions. This is why we need to get to the source first before any actual remedy is performed. The root has to be eliminated in order to stop these creatures from rapidly reproducing, so we can prevent them from multiplying by the day.

flea infestation treatment newcastleFor many years now we have been servicing our clients in Newcastle with great satisfaction, and we’ve seen that although flea infestations are rampant in households with pets, they’re not necessarily exclusive to such. They could be passed on from previous owners who did have pets and were unknowingly infested with fleas. As tiny and harmless as they seem, fleas are still parasites, and do not belong in your home.

The bites of fleas don’t hurt all that much, but the end result could very well be an itchy, irritating rash that’ll get you scratching all-day-long. Some people may even be allergic to their bite, which could lead to more serious medical problems. You and your pets don’t deserve to deal with this otherwise preventable ordeal, have the pros from Pest Control Newcastle take care of it for you!

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fly infestation treatment newcastleFlies are equally as undesirable and must be eliminated just as much. They’re not too far from their bigger counterparts, the roaches, in terms of spreading diseases among humans and animals. Flies carry a ton of bacteria and viruses from one host to another, 2 of which include E.coli and salmonella.

These creatures also have the tendency to bite humans and other living organisms, causing huge, irritatingly painful lumps on the skin that are a manifestation of the body’s allergic reaction. Their small number can easily slide into an infestation especially when ignored. Some species are even capable of becoming full-grown adults in just a matter of 7 days! This should be reason enough for you to call for professional fleas and flies control services, pronto.

About our Pest Control Service

spider control newcastleIf you feel that the fleas and flies are getting a tad bit too comfy around your home — hanging day in and day out, don’t forget to call Pest Control Newcastle so we can sort that out for you immediately. We have an accommodating and competent staff who will see to it that you’re not only rid of the pests, but are also kept safe from any noxious substances used in the process. Count on us to ace any pest control problem — big or small.

All over Newcastle, we provide the best and most satisfactory pest control services. It’s our heart to give clients the safe, pest-free home they deserve. We do it right, and we do it well.

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