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It’s sometimes funny how a lot of people are terrified by spiders, when they’re generally harmless and are actually an integral member of the food chain. But in fairness to the spider-fearing bunch, there are certain species that pose actual harm and threat to both humans and their pets.

Pest Control Newcastle provides the following services in spider control:spider control newcastle

  • Spider Inspection: finding the spiders
  • Spider Control: eliminating the spiders
  • Monitoring: keeping away the Spiders

Don’t allow the spiders to overstay their welcome in your home or business! Call us here at Pest Control Newcastle to help you keep your home or your business spider-free. Even if you’re of the couldn’t-care-less-about-spiders lot, having a whole bunch of them in your home or office is still not a very pleasant idea. The professional pest control team from Pest Control Newcastle will be quick to address your problem and make sure you never have to deal with it ever again.

get rid of spiders newcastleIt’s possible to work on a DIY for spider extermination, but when there’s already a big bunch of them scuttling around, the job can get more challenging. We here at Pest Control Newcastle have been working on many pest control problems for decades now and our clients have always been happy with our ‘do it right the first time’ business ethic. Aside from spider control, we can also handle bees & wasp control, as well as cockroach elimination.

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Our Spider Control and Prevention Services

termite treatment offer newcastleAfter our initial discussion on the phone, we will send over our team of spider inspection specialists who will carefully and thoroughly search your property for any signs of spider infestation. After it’s been confirmed, we’ll then inform you of the recommended course of action best for your case.

Compared to other types of pests, spiders are relatively easier to shoo away from your property. Just remember not to toss out the leftover salt, eucalyptus, tobacco, or lavender oil in your cupboard as these are natural remedies against spiders. But in worse cases where the spiders have reached an uncontrollable number and are of the poisonous kind, pesticides are more effective.

We here at Pest Control Newcastle are very careful about the use of pesticides. While we’re dedicated to keeping the spiders from making a crib out of your home, your safety is still top priority. Even if the type of spiders invading your home is not threatening, they need to be eliminated from your property ASAP to stop them from proliferating.

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Problems spiders can cause on your property

It’s a fact that spiders rarely have any fatal or highly threatening effects on human beings and animals. This may be contrary to popular belief and perception, but only a few species of spiders are actually threatening to humans.

spider control newcastleFunny as it sounds, but it’s actually the fear of spiders that place some people on the verge of medical emergency. Panic attacks, hyperventilation, and heart attacks are some of the extreme responses people can have at the sight of these eight-legged creatures.

But in fairness to these people there are spiders that are indeed a cause for alarm. This includes the brown recluse, which is a distant cousin of the notoriously fatal black widow, which is known for its highly poisonous venom. The venom of the brown recluse is known to be even more dangerous than that of a rattlesnake, causing the demise of red blood cells, formation of blood clots, and even kidney damage. Better, less acute cases see several weeks before complete healing from the severe allergic reactions caused by the spider’s bite.

If you think or feel spiders may be on the verge (or already are) invading your home, it’s time to call the experts. It doesn’t matter if they don’t scare you or are seemingly harmless! The first priority is to have the pros look and see if it’s the threatening kind. In any case, dangerous or not, they have to be stopped from reproducing and filling up areas of your home.

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About our Pest Control Service in Newcastle

thumbs up satisfaction guaranteed newcastleJust call us and we’ll be there in an instant! We can handle every pest problem in Newcastle, from simple silverfish control to rodent eradication. Our highly skilled and licensed pest control professionals are able to effectively deal with any situation. With our decade after decade of experience, you can be confident of the quality service we provide.

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