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spider control newcastleWho in their right minds would allow their homes to be destroyed? After all the money you’ve spent to get the mortgage, paying utilities, and fixing broken fixtures, would you allow your house to just deteriorate? Definitely not, right?

That’s why you have to do something quick about pest infestations. That seemingly harmless trail of ants on the corner of your wall could turn into a very expensive refurbishing project if left untreated. Or, that rat you just let go could poop on top of someone’s sandwich.

Whatever your case may be, one thing is certain: pests will eventually lead to damage. So if you are currently seeing some tiny uninvited guests in your home or office, you better call Pest Control Newcastle. We will deal with whatever pest problem you have–bugs, rodents, flies, etc. We will put an end to the infestation that you are having before it gets out of hand. This way, you only get to spend a reasonable amount to eliminate the problem rather than waiting for it to make a hole in your pocket.

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Residential Pest Control Services

thumbs upFor extermination services that is worth every penny you spend, Pest Control Newcastle is the best choice. Our technicians will see to it that your existing infestation is eliminated and future outbreaks are prevented. To get an idea of the thoroughness of our work, here’s what our exterminators will be doing:

  • Assessment: locating affected areas
  • Extermination: removal of the pests
  • Prevention: ensuring that the pests don’t come back


As with any kind of action in life, we begin by surveying the area. We will be looking into the indoor and outdoor aspects of your home or office to look for signs of pests. We’ll be on the lookout for rat poo, insect wings, excrement stains, etc. Furthermore, our assessment will not end with and ocular. We have very advanced equipment that will allow us to determine affected areas no matter how hidden they are.

termite control newcastleIt’ll take around 30 to 45 minutes for us to completely cover all the areas of your area, both visible and hidden. And by the way, the first time we do business, we’ll inspect your home free of charge. Our technicians have years of experience and certifications on pest inspection and we guarantee you they will be able to completely cover every inch of the structure.

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Pest Control

termite treatment offer newcastleOnce the infested areas have been determined, it’s now time to eliminate the unwanted critters. When we exterminate pests, our cardinal rule is safety first. This means that we will be taking into consideration your health and the integrity of your home when we do our job. There are several methods of extermination that we have mastered and we will be choosing the one that best fits your needs.

We at Pest Control Newcastle won’t just provide a remedy for your immediate needs. We are prepared to eliminate the exact cause of the problem using various methodologies to ensure that once your existing pests are exterminated, they will not come back. So if you have preferences, we urge you to let our technicians know about it so the course of action that we take is the right one for you.


Our service extends farther than complete elimination of the pests and their offsprings. Pest Control Newcastle will be conducting routine checks of your premises to determine if there are new signs of a looming infestation. As we have mentioned, we guarantee elimination and complete prevention after our very first visit, so it is very important that we assess your home or office from time to time.

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newcastle westateWe are always ready to take on any calls. So if you have a pest problem, whether it’s because of rodents or insects, call Pest Control Newcastle now and we’ll take on the job. We already have a lot of satisfied customers because we see to it that we don’t have to re-do the job after we make our initial visit.

Residential Pest Control Newcastle
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