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spider control newcastleIf you’ve had enough of pest bites that itch like crazy and cause agitation to what could’ve been a smooth day or a restful night’s sleep, not to mention the threat of contracting certain transmissible diseases akin to the West Nile virus, it’s high time to leave things up to your professional mosquito control service provider. We here at Pest Control Newcastle will be there to make sure you’ll go back to a safer, mosquito-free home or office.

We have the best pest control specialists who can rid your home, yard, or office of these flying foes that ruin your everyday rhythm. We’re quick to respond and we’ll make sure mosquitoes are gone to a tee.

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Wherever you are in Newcastle, we’ll be there to bust out these tiny terribles for you. Our specialists are the cream of the crop, always working hard and making sure that the outcome is complete and safe eradication of the pests. Our hard work and impressive business ethics have earned us the 100% satisfaction of many clients who have been with us for decades now. You can count on us to successfully take care of different pest issues, including fleas and flies control, as well as rodent elimination.

how to get rid of mosquitoes in newcastleHere’s a rundown of our services:

  • Inspection: finding the mosquitos in your property
  • Pest Control: eliminating the mosquitos
  • Monitoring: protecting your from mosquitos in the future

What is a Mosquito?

Belonging to a species that are somewhat similar to midges or flies, mosquitoes are more often than not harmless. Their females, however, prove to be an exception because these creatures actually suck human blood using their funnel-shaped mouths.

mosquito control newcastleMosquito bites bring danger not because of the risk for blood loss but for the viruses and bacteria they can inject into the human system along with their saliva. On better occasions, however, their saliva bring nothing more than allergies.

Malaria, filariasis, and yellow fever are just some of the diseases that mosquitoes are capable of spreading among humans and animals.

Mosquitoes are mostly nocturnal creatures that like to feed on their victim when it’s dark, such as during dusk or dawn. When the sun is up, they’re under the shed of cool leaves, bidding their time, biting only when disturbed or threatened.

Mosquito Prevention

Nothing is as effective as preventing the invasion by mosquitoes in your home. Luckily, some things can be done to hinder them from staying. Here they are:

  1. Minimize the availability of exposed, pooled, non-flowing water. If possible, cover all stocked water sources to keep the breeding mosquitoes from laying eggs where they like.
  2. Clean up and clear up. Dirty water can easily collect in clogged gutters where mosquitoes love to cozy up and procreate. Twigs, leaves, and branches that are cluttered up in the yard also provide a good breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  3. Limit the greens. As earlier mentioned, mosquitoes take shelter under leaves during daytime, so the more there are of these around, the more there will be of mosquitoes as well.

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Professional Mosquito Control

While prevention is effective, mosquitoes can get really aggressive and stubborn at times. When all else fails it’s important to relinquish turn over the job to pros. Our trained specialists here at Pest Control Newcastle have all the skills, knowledge, and expertise to solve any mosquito infestation issue in your home, office, or building.

how to eradicate mosquitoes in newcastleWe usually utilize barrier spray treatments that contain pyrethrin, which comes from dried chrysanthemums. It’s an effective way to bust insects. But because of their organic nature, they easily break down from sun exposure and moisture. A stronger alternative, the synthetically-made pyrethroid, which is an imitation of the original botanical insecticide, is the preferred treatment choice because of its longer-lasting and more powerful effects.

Barrier sprays are applied to the soil and vegetation using a backpack sprayer. The chemical attacks the motor movements of the mosquitoes, paralyzing them and eventually killing them.

Ponds, lakes, canals, and other pooled water sources in the yard are best treated with larvicide, which is effective in eliminating the eggs and baby mosquitoes. The most popular choice is BTI or Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis, which is usually applied with the use of briquettes, air crafts, and backpack sprayers.

Mosquito Misting Systems

A more continuous, long-term approach in eliminating mosquitoes is the automatic misting system that works by spontaneously spewing out the liquid repellent on intervals. They work for 30 seconds, at a frequency of twice to four times daily. This system is made up of stainless-steel, rust-proof nozzles that are interconnected by almost-invisible tubings made of nylon. Our designated service crew will be coming over on regular intervals to refill the cartridges with repellents. If you wish to be as hands-off as you can get about the process, these automatic misting systems are your best bet!

best-pest-control-perth-westateWe understand all-natural client preferences. So if you wish to do away with synthetics, just let us know and we will provide one that is fitting for your choice. For example, we can use a solution made from essential oils that also emits a distinct botanical scent. These natural methods generally have a shorter effectiveness span, so re-application will have to be done every two weeks.

Whether you’re cool with barrier sprays and automatic misting systems, or are conservatively pro-natural, Pest Control Newcastle will handle your case carefully and effectively, with your preferences and specific needs in consideration.

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