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spider control newcastleMysterious attic noise and tiny animal droppings found in random areas could be two signs that point to a mice infestation. Horrified? Don’t be. Call up experts in mice control so you can breathe easy while the pros from Pest Control Newcastle take the matter into their hands.

Mice infestations must not be taken lightly. They should be immediately dealt with in order to prevent their number from blowing up beyond control and opening up opportunities for other new problems.

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Don’t wait for the time when your home has already become home to hundreds of mice as well. Act while it’s still early. Contact Pest Control Newcastle once you’ve seen any of the telltale signs. Pest Control Newcastle has been around solving every type of pest problems around town providing not just solutions, but complete, long-term and satisfactory service. We are very quick to respond and we work on our own without distracting you from your routine. We provide services for mouse control, cockroach infestation, and virtually every type of pest control or treatment services.

best-pest-control-newcastleThese are the mice control services we provide:

  • Inspection: finding the mice
  • Pest Control: eliminating the mice
  • Monitoring: keeping away the mice

Count on our reliable pest control specialists to have a greatly impressive skill set and only the most up-to-date gears and equipment in the fight towards a mouse-free home. While do-it-yourself measures for mice control can be helpful, it would be harder to manage the situation when it has escalated already to a full-blown infestation.

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About Mice

rodent and mice infestation newcastleMice are a pain to have close by. Not only are they extremely dirty on all levels, they can also be quite destructive, munching on electrical wires, contaminating human and pet food, and so on. They bring in bacteria, diseases, parasites, and other pests. Their gnawing also poses threat to property; causing fires from short circuited, chewed up wires, physical damage on documents, boxes, and practically any other object that tickles their fancy.

Pest Control Newcastle provides services in rodent control and treatment, dedicated to creating a safer, better, rodent-free home or office for you and for the people you care about. We make sure to give you a range of options so you can pick a method that you’re comfortable with. There are lethal and non-lethal techniques such as trapping, habitat modification, and exclusion. Regardless of the method you pick, you can be assured of an effective mice control or treatment procedure that will be worth your time and investment.

How we Deal with the Mice in your Home

There are different mice control services that we can provide. And we also accept cases that require rat and mouse removal. Both are important jobs and when there’s already a mice infestation in your home or business, it’s crucial to leave it up to the right people. This significantly increases the chances of a successful and effective mice elimination.

best-pest-control-perth-westateWe handle both residential and commercial rodent control problems, and we’ve been doing this for many years now so it doesn’t matter which specific rodent issue it is you’re facing, as we’ll surely be able to handle it with ease and success as is always expected.

Our rodent control elimination process is comprised of three stages of sanitation, as well as rodent exclusion and reducing the population with mouse toxicants and traps. The teams assigned to perform these are highly skilled and sufficiently experienced, so you never have to deal with the problem ever again.

And as for cases where there’s no actual infestation yet but certain risks have been identified, we’ll provide everything that’s necessary to make sure that it doesn’t develop into a real serious problem.

We here at Pest Control Newcastle employ the best, proven methods in rodent control and prevention. We have the best and most effective services in the industry today.

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The consequences of a Mouse Invasion

No particular place in the world is ever immune to the presence of mice. Whether it’s the suburb or the bustling urban area, there’s got to be nests of mice somewhere. Unfortunately these furry little creatures are a hassle to be with, and more than that they can also be risky enough to raise concern with regards to health and safety.

rat and pest control in newcastleMice do not only destroy property by contaminating stored food and inflicting physical damage on electrical wires, boxes, and other products. They are also liable for the spread of parasites, viruses, and ultimately, diseases among humans and animals. In history, rodents were thought to be the reason behind the Black Plague.

About our Pest Control Service in Newcastle

thumbs up satisfaction guaranteed newcastleYour pest control issues should never take a backseat, because if these things are left untreated, they’re only going to bring in bigger problems and more trouble. You can rely on us here at Pest Control Newcastle to solve your flea treatment and rodent eradication issues. We’ve been pretty long in this business so you can give us any pest problem to solve — big or small.

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