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The process involved in pest inspection includes the visual examination of a property that is at risk for pest infestation and other forms of degradation. Aside from looking out for signs of attack by insects and pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, rats, mice, and rodents, its objective is also to spot signs of dry rot, water damage, fungus, and all other organisms (living or not) that could ruin the conduciveness of the property.

pest control newcastleAs an experienced team of pest inspection specialists, we make sure that your property is shielded from any of these insect attacks. We here at Pest Control Newcastle are dedicated to ensuring that your place is safe and pest-free.

The process takes 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how huge the place is or how far along it’s been with the infestation. Once the inspection has been completed and a diagnostic result has been achieved, we will immediately work on a treatment strategy that works for your specific case.

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Our Newcastle Pest Inspections look for:

Rats and Mice

rats and miceRats and mice don’t like to announce that they’ve moved in to be your new roomies. Unfortunately for these sneaky little creatures, secrets aren’t forever. Signs of rat presence include droppings; dark, greasy and smelly tracks along the walls or on the floor; gnaw marks on food stocks — these all confirm the presence of a rat infestation.


Birds are pests? That’s something new. Their songs can be relaxing and pleasant to some, but perhaps not when they’ve started building nests in the chimney, in the ventilation shaft, and in some other key areas of home. Also, their excessive, loud chirping becomes annoying instead. Blockages due to presence of nests can pose some safety risks on any property. This is why they must be removed safely.


insectsInsects can lurk in the most unlikely places. And if you’re not familiar with their behavior, it can be easy to miss where they are. But our professional pest inspection specialists know exactly where to look and what to expect when they’re looking under kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and closets.

We don’t also just look inside your house. We also make sure the surrounding perimeter is clear of any pests.

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Bed Bugs

bed bug infestation control newcastleAny person who hasn’t had any experience with bed bug control will find it virtually impossible to spot them with the naked eye. Aside from these critters being literally microscopic in size, they’re also nocturnal creatures that like to cozy up when the warm body of their victim is deep in slumber. Good thing our well-trained specialists are never blind to the rusty spots they leave on the mattress and all the other telltale signs of bed bug infestation.


ant control newcastleNo property is ever immune to ants. These creatures are highly ubiquitous and amazingly responsive to the presence of food sources that they can be practically anywhere when there’s an opportunity to stock up for the rainy days. But unfortunately for these small hard-workers, our pest inspection specialists are also quick to spot their trails, as well as the holes or cracks in the walls and floors, and the shuffling sounds they make with their nests that resemble that of a crinkled plastic bag.


cockroach infestation treatment newcastleTheir being nocturnal makes cockroaches a bit difficult to catch. They prefer to go out when the lights are out, when they can freely roam to hunt for food. Still, no secret remains as droppings, corpse of cockroaches, and a distinct musty smell give them away to our sharp pest inspection specialists.


termite infestation newcastleThere are a whole lot of termite species. But one thing remains certain, they can cause tremendous damage to property if left unabated. This is why our inspectors are extra sharp when looking out for buckled wood, and swelling of floors and walls — particularly those that are made of wood, and even the subtlest signs of water damage.


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If you feel like your peace and safety are disturbed because of the likely presence of any of the above creatures, it’s time to call for professional pest inspection by Pest Control Newcastle. Call us today so we can start dealing with your issue before it actually gets worse.

Pest Control Newcastle is perfectly equipped to handle any pest infestation in commercial or residential settings. We work and respond fast, and make sure that the effects are permanent so you’ll never have to worry again.

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