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Every year, there are homes suffering from million-dollar damages caused by termites. This happens when homeowners shrug off certain preventive measures that could have saved them from the nasty critters and the damage they bring. When termites have invaded your home, it’s very important to leave the problem to the experts. Pest Control Newcastle promises to provide the best solutions to any pest problem that’s bugging your home or your property.

If you have reason to believe you’re being invaded by termites, it’s best to call for professional pest control specialists to make sure the situation is confirmed. Pest Control Newcastle will come over to conduct an inspection and determine the treatment plan to be taken thereafter.

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Termite Protection & Prevention

Fortunately, there are some basic things that simple homeowners can do to minimize their chances of getting infested by termites. These barely cost anything and can be done even by people who don’t have formal knowledge and training in proper pest control. These techniques are very important as it’s going to be a lot more difficult when they’ve reached full-on infestation.

Here are the different techniques in termite protection:

  • Install physical barriersspider control newcastle
  • Remove termite attractants
  • Reducing moisture and humidity
  • Set up bait stations

Install physical and chemical barriers

This is the simplest and most basic method but is also one of the most effective. Physical barriers may come in the form of fence structure made of inedible construction materials that keep the termites off your property, and if they should ever try to climb over it, they will have to be exposed and easily seen by you before they could even reach your property.

Chemical barriers, on the other hand, are used to treat the surrounding perimeter of your home, such as the soil, in order to repel the termites from coming past through and into the interiors. Chemical termite repellents may also be applied on the physical barrier so that termites will back off the moment they reach the treated areas.

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Remove termite attractants

termite treatment service newcastleIf you don’t want to draw them in, you have to keep their food totally off limits. The only thing that’s keeping the termites coming is their easy access to food, which generally comes in the form of timber and cellulose debris. These could be the wooden foundation of your home, or even the liners in your garden. If use of these is inevitable, make sure to get them treated with chemical termite repellents. It would also help to properly stow fireplace timber and other edible materials to make your home as uninteresting as it can get for the little unwelcome critters.

Reducing moisture and humidity

Two more factors that affect the attractiveness of your home to termites is the level of moisture and humidity in certain areas. Well-ventilated homes have lesser moisture and humidity, so see to it that you have this aspect checked in order to keep them at bay. Fans are quite useful in keeping the air in the sub-flooring dry, so these could be an investment worth looking into.

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Set up bait stations

Setting up baits around your house will keep you alerted for the arrival of termites, which can significantly help in your figuring out where the affected areas are.The appearance of termites in response to your baits is also a great indicator that there really might be an infestation in your home, pushing you to do something about it like calling for professional help. It also prompts you to explore areas of home that may be unfortunately attracting the termites.

termite infestation newcastleAll of the above mentioned measures are simple and effective ways to keep termites off your precious home. But if you have a feeling they’ve already crossed the line, the best thing to do is to simply relinquish the issue to the pros. Pest Control Newcastle will respond immediately if you call, making sure that an inspection is done before succeeding course of action is determined. Call us pronto! Our highly qualified pests control specialists are reliable and quick-moving.

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