Pest Control Newcastle – About Us

Pest Control Newcastle has been the leading authority of Newcastle pest control practice. It has earned a reputation of not only offering high quality service of bug control but also gaining the trust and loyalty of customers. Pest Control Newcastle’s customers include not only residential owners but also the following clientele: business owners, commercial building owners, landlords, residential investors, and many more.

Pest Control Newcastle’s lineup consists of the best pest control specialists and a team of alert and accommodating representatives who are willing to assists customers and their concerns with their current pest issues. Assembling them together, Pest Control Newcastle can answer to any pest problems right away. Our pest specialists are highly-trained and certified professionals that can respond to any pest scenario.

Termites, white ants, rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, flies, spiders: the list could go on but Pest Control Newcastle has all the answers to counter these household menace. We have plenty of packages to offer to our customers with a fair price from pest inspection to termite treatment. If you have questions or concerns on a pest issue, give us a call and we’ll give you a free quote. At Pest Control Newcastle, we value your business.