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spider control newcastleUnless you’re a rare collector of exotic “pets”, the idea of having ants, cockroaches, rats, and the like will never be appealing. As a matter of fact, having these under the same roof should be repulsive, not to mention threatening and dangerous. They pose threat for physical damage, such as the damage of infrastructure, valuable items in the home or office, and even health risks as many of these pests bring in bacteria and germs that cause diseases among humans and their animals.

Pest Control Newcastle is always up for any commercial pest control job that you might need. Letting your business be run by nasty pests like cockroaches, spiders, ants, termites, rats and the like could wind up in an uncontrollably bad infestation and that’s not going to be good for your business. The first thing we do is to conduct a pest inspection, to confirm the presence and to determine the extent of any infestation before plotting out an effective treatment plan.

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Our Newcastle Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest Control Newcastle is dedicated to providing solutions for pest control to make sure that your business is free of any pests that might cause your business more damage than you can imagine. There are three stages involved in our commercial pest control services:

  1. Pest Inspection – inspect your commercial propertythumbs up
  2. Pest Control
  3. Pest Monitoring

Pests can bring in costly damages not just on your products, but also on your finances and on the health and wellness of your employees and clients. If you care about the people who work for you and those who bring in business, investing in professional pest control will be worth it. Just imagine having to deal with a whole nest of wasps and bees ineptly, or trying to treat a tricky bed bug situation all by yourself. Not only would it be a waste of time, it could also be ineffective and even dangerous. So don’t take chances, leave it to the pros. We here in Pest Control Newcastle can help you!

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So Why Use our Commercial Pest Control Newcastle Services?

  1. Structural Damage

termite infestation newcastleAside from the fact that termites literally chew on wooden structures, including walls, floors, ceilings, and building foundations that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair, they also create openings where other pests like roaches, ants, rats, and rodents could come through. Talk about a double, even triple whammy! With commercial pest control services, you can be sure that your building or office is well protected from any of these pests.

  1. Product loss

swarm of bees newcastleThe product damage, food contamination, and health risks brought about by pest infestation can result in costly losses for your business. According to statistics, an average of 30% of food produced around the globe is lost to pest infestations. When pests feast on stored food, it can result in great loss because contaminating even just a part of the whole stock would mean the rest must also be disposed to ensure food sanitation and safety. Aside from human and animal food products, other edible non-food products like wood, wool, and cotton may also be prone to pest attack.

You may be surprised to know that it usually doesn’t take an entire standard size door to be open in order for pests to get in. As a matter of fact, just a 25-millimeter hole would be big enough for a rat to fit in. Ants are also pretty much able to get through any cracks, so they naturally won’t have to sweat it out just to have access into your storage. Keep these critters from making a treat out of your business! Call for commercial pest control today.

  1. Dangers to Humans

cockroach infestation treatment newcastlePooled, non-flowing water describes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, pests that not only cause annoyance to humans but worse, even carry easy spreading diseases with them. Many other pests are like mosquitoes in this sense and they must not be allowed to stay in your commercial building or office. Have Pest Control Newcastle take care of your commercial pest control for you. Don’t wait for someone in the building to get sick from diseases contracted from cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, and the like.

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How we can Help

newcastle westateUnless you just sit and wait for the worst, pests don’t have to be a major problem. Having a business in Newcastle or elsewhere places a huge responsibility in your hands to ensure that your business property is properly and regularly monitored for signs of infestation. Pest Control Newcastle professionals will be there to give advice and recommendation with regards to the barriers, traps, baits, and repairs that your property needs.

Our staff and specialists are thoroughly equipped and skilled to handle any commercial pest control projects in Newcastle. We have been around for many years and these have been our stepping stones to the current status we hold in our industry as one of the leaders in both residential and commercial pest control. Call us today for a free quote!

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