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Termites can significantly multiply in a short span of time. And considering the fact that the damage these pests create worsens as their numbers increase, something has to be done even at the slightest hint of their presence. Pest Control Newcastle is committed to creating a safe, pest-free environment for you and your family. We make sure that your home is guarded against these damaging pests not just today but for good!

termite treatment service newcastleThese are the 3 inclusions of our termite treatment services in Newcastle:

  • Termite Inspection: Finding the termites
  • Termite Treatment: Exterminating the termites
  • Termite Control: Keeping away the termites

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Termite Inspection

termite and Pest Control NewcastleIf you have a looming feeling that termites may have invaded your personal space, you might have sighted at least one of the signs that say they’re there. It could be the swarms of termites or the discarded wings, or the obvious change in the texture of wooden flooring or walls. At this point, it may be tempting to do a DIY termite treatment, but unfortunately that only works for early-stage, or preventive termite control measures.

After our initial inspection, we will recommend the best treatment plan for your case.

Signs of Termites

  1. Presence of perforations on your drywall or exposed wooden surfaces
  2. Soft, spongy texture on floors and other wooden parts of the house
  3. Tubes with muddy texture found on wood piles, posts, and on concrete structure

Termite Treatment

termite infestation newcastleWhen the presence of termites in your home has been confirmed, it’s best to have the issue fixed immediately. Pest Control Newcastle’s termite treatment services are not only effective, they’re also the best and safest for you and your family. We make sure that our clients always have a say in the techniques and methods we utilize in termite control or eradication.

Should you have a preference for non-chemical methods, please don’t hesitate to give us a heads up so we can prepare a strategy that’s most suitable not just for your needs but also your preferences. And while there are a ton of non-chemical termite treatment techniques, most of them are not as powerful as their chemical counterparts but still do fine as prophylactic agents for termites. Our pest control specialists will see to it that you get the guidance and advice you need in picking out the best one for your property.

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Another thing that has to be taken care of is for the termites to never come back again. If you’re worried about this, don’t be, as Pest Control Newcastle will make sure that the effects of the treatment are not just temporary. We’re all for long-term pest control solutions so you’ll never have to deal with them ever again.

The most easily seen specie of termites is the subterranean type, which commonly feeds on homes and commercial buildings particularly those having elements of wood and cellulose.

termite infestation newcastleTermites can start inching their way into your home by munching on the wood piles and wood chips found in the surrounding perimeter of the house. One thing you need to know about these creatures is that they don’t typically come in one’s or two’s — they come in five hundred thousands to five millions, known collectively as colonies. It can be difficult to deal with this huge number on your own, so leave it to the pros! We have the knowledge and skill needed to effectively deal with them.

Termite treatment services by Pest Control Newcastle includes periodic inspections of your house or property to ensure that it’s pest-free all-year-round. Ring us up today to avail of our services and safeguard your home or property from these vicious pests for good!

If you’re suspecting a termite infestation, don’t dilly-dally. Call for professional help so the situation can be stopped while it’s early. We’ll give you the best recommendation for your specific case so you can enjoy a clean, pest-free property.

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