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While we at Pest Control Newcastle has paid close attention to termites, it doesn’t mean that we disregard other pests. We wouldn’t call ourselves Pest Control Newcastle if we only exterminate termites. Our team of experts has been trained and certified to fight against all sorts of pests. We also make it a point to constantly watch over any exotic pests that may potentially be a menace in Newcastle. If you happen to spot any of these buggers mentioned in the following articles, call us right away.

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Common Pests & Vermin in Newcastle

White Ants

termite control newcastleThese cute little buggers are very destructive to both residential and commercial structures. White ants are also another term for termites. In some countries, these subterranean insects cause more damage than any known natural catastrophe.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very annoying since they usually feed on your blood when you’re asleep. Also they’re the number one culprit when it comes to bed rashes. Don’t let your kids sleep on a bed filled with bed bugs!

Rats and Rodents

rats and mice infestationNobody wants to see a rat scurrying in the kitchen bringing disgusting germs inside your home and contaminating your food supply. It’s better to hire Pest Control Newcastle to fight these vermin.

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mice infestation

Just like its larger counterpart (rats), mice are a menace in the household. Despite their cute demeanor, they can cause chew through electrical wiring. They can even create holes on wooden barricades. Compared to rats, mice are almost undetectable due to their size. If you sense that there are mice in your kitchen, make sure to hide your food. If you notice that there are tiny bite marks in your food, throw it. Just like rats, mice also carry germs in their fur.

Fleas and Flies

fly infestationFleas and flies have a few things in common they are both annoying and horrid. For the annoying part, flies mostly feast on anything that decomposes from animal dung to biodegradable garbage. In the kitchen, they are mostly present in what’s served in the kitchen. Hence, they can contaminate our food with germs. Fleas are annoying because they’re blood suckers that feeds off on its host. What makes fleas and flies horrid is the fact they both lay eggs on their hosts. If your home is infested with these buggers, call our team of flea and fly control specialists right away.

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pest control cockroach newcastleCockroaches are not only disgusting but they are very resilient. They can adapt in any environment, and they proliferate at a very alarming rate. If you have a roach infestation, call us right away through (02) 4025 9734.

Bees and Wasps

waspBees and wasps aren’t part of the usual pests that wreak havoc in your home. In the case of bees, they are vital to the ecosystem of flowers. Just like butterflies, bees play a role in pollination. If you happen to be a fan of gardening, bees are a good sign for the proliferation of your flowers. However, it’s all good until you find out that there’s a bee hive near your home. It’s the same story for wasps. Bees and wasps are territorial and are not afraid to sting anyone whom they deem as a threat to their queen.


tarantula spider infestationJust to be clear, spiders aren’t insects. They are categorized as arachnids, and they feed on insects. Spiders are harmless most of the time. However, it bites when it senses danger. Most spiders carry venom which they used to paralyzed their victims that are ensnared in their web. If you happen to encounter spiders that are categorized as lethal such as tarantulas and black widows, don’t hesitate to call our team of spider control specialists to handle your spider problem.

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Silverfish are nocturnal wingless insects. As its name implies, they’re shape like a fish and they’re covered with silver scales. They usually feed on fabrics, paper, photo, book binding and even on adhesive tapes.

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