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Our Bees Removal & Wasp Services

spider control newcastleA lot of people have successfully dealt with bees and wasps. But when you have a nest of them that’s already the size of a baseball, the process can be more challenging and may even pose some level of danger especially if you’re not an expert in pest control. Bees and wasps can be such valiant defenders of their habitat that they will attack whatever threatens it. For this reason, it’s important to have the right body gear and equipment for full protection during the entire procedure. Pest Control Newcastle has all the right gears and equipment, and the staff are trained well enough to carry out the procedure safely.

For many years now, we’ve been providing our services with excellent care and meeting the highest standards of the industry. We’ve impressed all of our customers with a rare ‘do it right the first time’ business ethos, which sets us apart from everyone else.

These are the inclusions of our bee removal services:

  • Bee Inspection: finding the bees & wasps
  • Bee Control: eliminating the wasps & bees

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Wasps and bees in themselves are barely capable of hurting one bone in your body. They’re just small, buzzing and flying creatures, after all. But when there’s hundreds and thousands of angry bees and wasps to deal with, that’s something else. These creatures are ready to inflict pain whenever they have to, especially when their habitat is being threatened.

Once we’ve successfully removed the bees and wasps from your property, we’ll do the necessary methods to make sure that they won’t come back anytime soon or in the far future. We do this to give you the peace of mind you deserve and to safeguard your family from the risks posed by bees and wasps infestation.

About Bees & Wasps in Newcastle

In small, harmless numbers, bees & wasps are of no cause for concern. But if they’re apparently getting comfy and multiplying by the day, it’s probably time to call the pros. This is the wise thing to do before the numbers go crazy and it gets impossible to deal with them yourself.

wasp control newcastleThe ire of bees and wasps are as easy as a switch. Just an accidental knocking over, or some light poking and they’ll be ready to charge against their perpetrator. Imagine being swarmed over by hundreds of buzzing creatures at one time! Definitely not a lovely mental picture, we know. Plus, their sting can get really nasty and even dangerous if you have some innate allergy to their saliva.

It’s therefore very important to relinquish this task to people who have the skills, equipment, experience and knowledge necessary to carry out a safe and effective bee and wasp control procedure. With years of experience and a genuine dedication to serve, Pest Control Newcastle is the right team to go with for issues like these.

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Signs of a Bee or Wasp Infestation

swarm of bees newcastleSome of the most critical areas for bee or wasp infestation include roof spaces, bird boxes, wall cavities, and in garages or sheds. These are easily where you’ll find their nests that are made of chewed-up wood pulp and the saliva of bees and wasps.

Any bees and wasp control must be done before summertime as this is when these buzzing busters are rapidly reproducing, which means there are also more of their nests and more of them. Warmer months are just the best time for them to procreate, which is why you should grab the golden opportunity while the days are cooler. And if you’re finding it difficult to spot or trace where they’re lurking, your best bet is to observe where their flight track is.

About our Pest Control Service in Newcastle

newcastle westateDon’t let buzzing beasts ruin what could otherwise be a peaceful and pleasant home. Call up Pest Control Newcastle at the slightest hint of a bee and wasp infestation. We have a team of friendly, accommodating and highly skilled pest control specialists who can take care of that bee and wasp situation for you — making sure that the process is done safely so nobody gets hurt. We have been working as a pest control company for decades now and we have proudly made a lot of our customers happy with our ‘do it right the first time’ business principle. Any pest control job is easy breezy for us, from spider control to rodent elimination.

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