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Whether you’re purchasing or selling a home, you’ll always need a termite inspection. We can help.


We offer pest control on commercial properties such as cafes, restaurants, retail & offices.

Bed Bugs

No more bed bugs! No matter where you are in Newcastle, we are there to help you sleep tight.

Bees & Wasps

Winged buggers like bees and wasps will definitely go down when it comes to our specialists.

Nasty Crawlies

Cockroaches, spiders, ants, earwigs: you name those buggers, we get rid of them.

Pest Control Newcastle

We stop rats, mice, termites, cockroaches and the rest of your household buggers FAST.

We Cover Residential, Commercial, and Retail Areas
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Are you experiencing any pest problems? Call Pest Control Newcastle right away. Our team of pest exterminating experts can deal with all types of pest infestation issues in every suburb around Newcastle. We take pride in our trained, certified, and licensed pest control professionals who have handled every known pest around Newcastle for over 50 years. With Pest Control Newcastle, no challenge is too great. Allow us to give you the highest quality of service by eliminating your pest problems.

Pest Control Newcastle is an active member of Australian Pest Control Association, a leading contractor accreditation organization in Australia which upholds the highest standards when it comes to pest control practices and services. Our clients are composed of residential investors, property buyers and sellers, commercial property managers, landlords with multiple properties, and government and real estate sales representatives. Call Pest Control Newcastle at (02) 4025 9734. We’ll be more than glad to offer our services.

Kid Safe, Pet Safe

kid safe pest control With over 50 years of experience, pest control experts at Pest Control Newcastle have been serving our clients by protecting the things they pet safe Pest Control newcastlecherish–their kids and their pets. Pest Control Newcastle makes it a point to make your homes safe and secure from any pest invasion and infestation. If you have any concerns you wish to address with regards to the protection of your home from unwanted pests, please call us (02) 4025 9734.

Pest Control Services Newcastle

kid safe pet safe pest controlPest Control Newcastle takes pride in our wide array of pest control services. Our pest control experts are specialized in all types of pests such as termites and cockroaches to name a few. We also make sure to update ourselves with the latest pest control practice. If you have any concerns or questions with regards to the types of pests, feel free to call. We’ll be more than glad to assist you. 

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Building Inspection

termite elimination newcastleIt never hurts to make sure that your property is free from any pesky buggers that will be detrimental to your home and business. Instead of spotting hints of infestation by yourself, call us to do the inspection for you. Rest assured that our team are trained to spot the slightest indication of pests and vermin. If you you happen to own a business and your customers have spotted rats scurrying around, that will be detrimental to your business. At Pest Control Newcastle, we value your business and the success of your business is our success as well. So, don’t hesitate to schedule an inspection. Call Pest Control Newcastle at (02) 4025 9734.

Commercial Pest Control

As mentioned earlier, we value your business and your success is our success. One thing we let our commercial clients know is that first impressions last. If your establishment is infested with rats and cockroaches, then you’ll lose more customers, especially if you don’t check on them. Don’t let this worst case scenario happen to you and your business. If you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to hire us.


pest control termite newcastleIt may not be the most common vermin you’ll encounter in your kitchen or living room, but termites account for the most expensive damage to a property than any other pests. As most of you would know, termites thrive in two sources–water and wood. Call us to know more about termites.

Termite Treatment New Castle

termite infestation newcastleTo ensure our customer’s issue with termites is resolved, Pest Control Newcastle offers loyal customers with a free termite treatment service for 6 months to 1 year. In other words we will spray a previously treated area to lessen the possibility of re-infestation and that’s free of charge! If you want to follow up with this package, don’t hesitate to call Pest Control Newcastle at (02) 4025 9734.

Termite Inspection

The severity of the damage is almost parallel to the size of the termite colony. Make sure to check on the key parts of your home if it’s infested with termites. If you happen to find a termite colony, call us and we at Pest Control Newcastle will deal with the problem immediately.

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Termite Control

termites soldierPrior to termite infestation treatment, make sure to do the following termite control precautions. These precautions are necessary in order to reduce the possibility of re-infestation. Make sure to check the size of the termite colony and check if the termites have spread from that area. Check also if you have any excess construction materials and lumber in your area. Make sure to remove them to prevent the spread of termites. Since termites also need water to survive, check your plumbing or any water source for leaks. Fix them right away.

Termite Protection

If you’re a new resident, and your home is still in its construction phase, check our termite protection package. We can assist you in installing with our state-of-the-art physical barricade to fend-off possible termite invasion. The barrier is made out of non-wooden materials such as concrete to ensure that termites won’t feast in that part of your house.

In addition, we’ll also offer our chemical barrier which will be applied in the soil  surrounding your area. The chemicals are consisted of ingredients that will repel termites from your property.

White Ant Control

white ant infestation

White Ant is another name for termites. However, there is a particular ant that has similar features to termites. To some people, they refer to them as white ants, but these are actually ghost ants. Just like most ants, ghost ants are attracted to any sugary food, but they’re actually smaller than the average black ants. However, don’t be fooled by their harmless look. These ants belong to a family of odorous house ants, which gives off a stinky odor when crushed. Don’t hesitate to call our team of white ant control experts to exterminate these stinky buggers.

Bed Bug Control

bed bug infestation control newcastleBed bugs are one of the most annoying pests that inhabits in most households today. Unlike most bugs, bed bugs thrive in the comfort of your bed. They are so tiny that they are almost invisible in just a quick glance. Bed bugs are blood suckers and they feast in their host during slumber. They are the main cause of skin rashes acquired upon waking up. If your bed is infested with bed bugs, contact our bed bug control experts to deal with the problem. We’ll make sure there are no bugs pestering your sleep.

Rodent and Rat Control

rats and mice infestationRodents like Rats are one of the single causes of household hardware and appliance damages caused by pests. Their front teeth is strong enough to damage wirings as well as linings in air condition systems. They appear larger and ghastlier than mice. What makes them more are their fur. Since rats are resilient rodents, they often thrive underground as well as sewers. They can even squeeze through pipelines! In rare cases, they can even pop out of your toilet. Hence, it’s not safe to catch them since their fur is covered with fleas and germs.

Mice Control

rodents infestationDon’t let their size fool you. Mice are as pesky as their larger counterpart. The front teeth of the mouse is strong enough to chew electrical wiring. They are also hard to detect due to their small size. Most of the time mice run rampant when there is an easy access to food and when there are no people or pets around. Whenever you find bite marks in your food and box containers, dispose them right away. Just like rats, their fur also carries germs and all sorts of pathogens that can contaminate any objects they can squeeze through.

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Fleas and Flies Control

fly infestationFleas and Flies are the most common pests most homeowners have to deal with everyday. Since flies thrive on almost anything that rots, which includes carcasses, garbage, and food, they are considered as one of the dirtiest insects next to cockroaches. Not only do they feast on food, they even lay their eggs on them. Most of the time, flies can be dealt with the usual swatter or flytrap, but it’s another story when they come in immeasurable numbers. Fleas are as equally annoying, and they thrive inside the fur of our pets. Call our Flies and Fleas Control experts to handle these type of pests.

Mosquito Control

These bloodsuckers are the carriers of  various types of diseases. Call Pest Control Newcastle’s team of Mosquitoes Control to deal with them right away.

Cockroach Control

cockroach infestationCockroaches are the most adaptable creatures in the insect world. They can live in any environment, survive in near death situations, and they can multiply in alarming rate. If they are left unchecked, they can overwhelm your property right away. Don’t take any chances with this pest, call our Cockroach Control Team to swiftly eliminate cockroach infestation.

Bees and Wasps Control

swarm of beesBees and wasps aren’t usually your typical annoying pests, but it’s another story if you get stung by them. Bees and wasp aren’t usually a problem unless their nest or hive is located near or inside your property. Hence, you don’t have to worry having your food eaten by these bugs. However, don’t let anyone, including your kids, go near their hive. Bees and wasps are extremely territorial, and they attack anyone that they deem as a threat to their queen. Don’t handle this problem on your own, call our experts in Bees and Wasps Control to quell the situation.

Spiders Control

tarantula spider infestationAlthough spiders are naturally insect hunters, they can be dangerous to anyone, especially to your kids. Most spiders carry deadly venom that’s usually used to paralyze small insects that are trapped in their web. Depending on the type of spider inhabiting your home, their bite is enough to weaken anyone. To know more about spiders, call our team of Spider Control Specialists to assist you in taking necessary action when dealing with any spider.

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Silverfish Control

silverfish controlSilverfish are wingless nocturnal insects. As its name implies, Silverfish is shaped like a fish that’s covered with silvery scales. They are tiny and often hard to detect. What’s so pesky about this type of insect is that you wouldn’t know that your home is infested with silverfish unless you notice the damage, which the creature had caused. Silverfish consumes paper, bookbinding, adhesive tapes, fabric, and tapestry. Don’t take any chances, call our Silverfish Control Team to eliminate this type of pest.

Organic Control

At Pest Control Newcastle, we make it a point that not only that customers are free from any pest problems but their safety as well. One way of promoting safe and security to our customers is our use of organic control methods of exterminating pests. To know more about this offer, feel free to contact us through this number (02) 4025 9734.

Pest Inspection Newcastle

We take pride on our certified team of pest professionals to walk you through with your pest issues. Not only they have years of training and experience, they are also customer oriented. Our team makes it a point to treat our customers with utmost respect.

Insect Control

pest control spiderWhen it comes to insect control, our team has been educated and equipped with all the necessary tools and information to counter all known pests that are prevalent in most houses  and business establishments. 

Bird Control

It may not be the most usual creature to pop out of the pest list. However, birds can also be detrimental to homeowners, especially if it makes a nest on your roof. There are several bird species that have been known to cause damages in properties. However, we at Pest Control Newcastle takes necessary steps to drive birds off your property instead of exterminating them. If you want to know more about this issue, feel free to call us.

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